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Atalaya en Deifontes Palacio de Deifontes Nuestra cooperativa inglés
Deifontes (Sources de Dieu), village situé a 20 Km au nord de la ville de l´Alhambra, Granade. Porte d´entrée de la Région oú se trouve l´Appellation d´Origine "Montes de Granada"). zone de l´olivier par excellence depuis plus de cinq siécles, á la ois trait d´union el enclave entre le nord de la Province de Grenade el le sud de la ville du Royaune Saint, Jaén.

San Isidro S.C.A. of Deifontes is an agricultural and service cooperative. It is a forward looking Company, prepared to compete and to contribure to the profitability of the economies of its over 650 olive-oil producers. It was founded in 1960 and is reputed for the production, treatment and marketing of one off the best Extra Virgin olive oils o Andalucia. 

The Company is proud to be a driving force in the rural and economic development of the area and is contantly researching and economec development of the area and is constantly researching and applying the latest technologies to the growth and production of olives with the greatest repect for the environment. This technology is also applied to the delicate process of extraction, selection and bottling of olive oil. The Company now wants to open its doors by means of this catalogue, giving a brief explanation of who we are, what we do and what we offer.

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Crta. de Granada S/N - 18570 Deifontes (Granada)
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